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Production Support for Medical Device Injection Molding

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Leading Medical and Life Sciences OEMs and Tier One Contract Manufacturers turn to Beacon MedTech Solutions to speed production, minimize risk in the supply chain and produce complex, vital components with the highest levels of precision and quality.

Whether you need a component for medical equipment or a medical device, or an assembly for your Life Sciences application, our deeply experienced team will deliver a custom-engineered solution that improves patient or end-user outcomes. We do this by leveraging our highly configurable in-house medical component injection molding competencies in liquid silicone rubber and thermoplastic tooling, insert and overmolding, Class 7 and 8 cleanroom molding, secondary operations, and assembly and kitting.

As an organization, our vision is to be the beacon in medical technology – reputed for excellence, innovation and customer-centric focus.
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What’s your manufacturing challenge?

Minimize Risk with Specialized Capabilities

When it comes to your critical Medical or Life Sciences product, there is no room for risk. Our team knows this first-hand and is committed to delivering the support you need to preserve product integrity and accelerate time to market. All while mitigating risk throughout the supply chain.

Integrating Manufacturing Processes Under One Roof

Our customers in the Life Sciences and Medical markets count on us to speed production, manage complexity and preserve product integrity with high-quality molded components and assemblies. To deliver, we have brought our teams together under one roof to facilitate the cross-functional collaboration that drives innovation and success for medical device injection molding.

Advancing Customer Success through Niche Expertise

Vital innovations require specialized expertise. At Beacon MedTech Solutions, we offer a full range of capabilities – including niche competencies in liquid silicone rubber molding, cleanroom molding and post-molding operations that include laser and pad printing, plastics machining, and assembly and kitting. We activate our deeply experienced team to apply niche competencies to accelerate your success.

Readily Available Capacity and Expertise for In-House Molders

From manufacturing tool transfer programs to overflow capacity, OEMs and Tier One contract manufacturers can rely on our readily available capacity and expertise to reduce stress on their operations or drive greater success.

Configurable Capabilities for Your Requirements:

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) MORE
  • Pilot molds, pre-production support, launch and scale for production. MORE
  • Ongoing management of injection, compression and thermoset molding. MORE
  • Post-molding assembly solutions. MORE

We partner with customers on a variety of programs that can range from companies looking to right-size captive molding operations, find a secondary supplier or launch a new product to the market.