Engineering Expertise

Engineering Led.
Results Driven.

Managing Engineering Complexities for Vital Programs

With unflinching deadlines and increasing market pressures, we know how vital it is to get your program right – the first time. For complex medical parts, getting it right often requires extensive engineering evaluation. From part design, to tooling, to molding and assembly, we collaborate with you to ensure your product is designed for optimum manufacturability – managing the manufacturing and production details so that you can focus on patient outcomes.

Engineering Optimum Moldability

Beacon MedTech Solutions’ highly experienced, highly skilled plastics engineers move quickly to solve your challenges.

New Product Introductions

We focus on designing a part – and process – that delivers reliable, repeatable results. For those looking to quickly launch a new product, we offer rapid prototype tooling and 3D parts prior to ramping production to ensure your part meets the performance and quality standards your end products – and patients – rely on.

Mold Qualification and Part Verification

We follow the IQ/OQ/PQ validation process to ensure your part design, molding equipment and process meet critical industry and performance protocols. We seek your input throughout every step of the process to keep your program moving forward, and our talented metrology engineers leverage state-of-the-art equipment to ensure parts perform to spec.

Materials Engineering

When it comes to material selection, one size does not fit all. Our team of material experts brings deep knowledge and experience in specifying materials to meet your part or product’s performance criteria. From thermoplastics like nylon to thermoset materials like bulk and sheet molding compound (BMC, SMC) to liquid silicone, we have what you need to optimize part performance.


Moldmaking and mold design with an emphasis in liquid silicone rubber, including managing tool building programs and transfer tools.

Liquid Injection Molding

Proven speed and ready capacity in liquid silicone rubber process technologies to help customers meet tight, unpredictable timelines.

Precision Molding

Advanced expertise in thermoplastic injection molding, overmolding and compression/transfer molding, plus a range of secondary assembly capabilities.