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Partnering with Technology-Forward OEMs Across Multiple Industries

Precision Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

Applying proven expertise and highly configurable competencies in precision molding, Beacon MedTech is ready and able to serve as your contract manufacturing partner to help your organization thrive. We drive innovation in manufacturing technology by building collaborative partnerships and offering cutting-edge solutions that accelerate your business goals. When you partner with us and tap into our powerful combination of medical precision and technology leadership, our goal is to free your team to focus on helping your customers succeed.

Learn more below about how we accelerate success in three vital markets as your precision injection molding manufacturer or discuss your challenge with our experts.

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Precision Contract Manufacturing Partner For Leading Innovators

With decades of proven results and contract manufacturing expertise in challenging applications including liquid injection molding, we take the weight off your shoulders by taking charge of complex design and production details with our custom component manufacturing and engineering solutions.

Components for the Bio-Pharma Value Chain

Access proven expertise and experience to accelerate and elevate bioprocessing system performance with bio-pharma plastic components manufacturing.

Precision Parts for Life Sciences and Medical

Speed production, minimize risk and drive innovation across Medical and Life Sciences applications including medical device injection molding.

Robust Solutions for High-Tech Applications

Drive innovation, durability and precision for mission-critical Aerospace, Defense and Technology components.