Liquid Injection Molding

Highly Configurable LSR Competencies to Meet Your Challenges.

Custom Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts
on Spec and on Time

From part design assistance, to tool design and build, to liquid injection molding, count on our Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) molding experience and proven LSR process to ensure your parts are delivered to spec, to quality and on your rigorous timeline.

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Our LSR Process

Beacon MedTech Solutions offers proven speed and ready capacity in liquid silicone rubber process technologies to help you meet tight, unpredictable timelines. Our highly configurable competencies, developed through decades of experience, ensure you receive the exact parts you need – whenever you need them.

Materials Expertise

We offer a wide range of Liquid Silicone Rubbers ranging from 20-80 durometer for clear and colored components. Our team of experts works with customers to evaluate part requirements to recommend the best material for your unique product.

Process Excellence in Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding

From tools that produce flashless parts to Cold Deck technologies that help deliver high-temperature liquid silicone to the cavity without curing, we have mastered the complexity of the liquid injection molding process. By doing so, we eliminate material waste, reduce cycle times, drive consistency and more easily integrate automation into the liquid injection molding process.

Silicone Injection Molding

Whether you need a Class 8 cleanroom or a standard molding environment, we offer silicone injection molding solutions across a range of press sizes, which handle a wide variety of LSR mold sizes and styles. We also offer molding solutions for complex insert and overmolding applications.

Vital Components Delivered When You Need Them Most

For those parts you needed yesterday, we remain agile with our highly configurable competencies to expedite the delivery of critical LSR components. Turn to us to design, build and launch programs for low volume or prototype molds in just four to six weeks.


Valuable expertise in part design and modeling, design for manufacturability and materials processing.


Moldmaking and mold design with an emphasis in liquid silicone rubber, including managing tool building programs and transfer tools.

Precision Molding

Advanced expertise in thermoplastic injection molding, overmolding and compression/transfer molding, plus a range of secondary assembly capabilities.