Post-Molding Manufacturing Assembly Services

Vertical Integration for High-Quality Assemblies.

Complex Assembly Simplified with Optimum Manufacturability

Beacon MedTech Solutions is focused on the integrity, quality, and performance of your parts and complex assemblies. As your full-service contract manufacturing assembly partner, it is critical to evaluate your part designs upfront for process manufacturability, best practice assembly techniques and protocols for validation of your assembled part. Vertical integration of engineering, manufacturing and complex assembly operations under one roof at Beacon MedTech Solutions offers quick access to decades of manufacturing assembly expertise and efficiencies that deliver your parts on time, on spec and on budget.

Looking for assembly supply chain management relief? As a contract manufacturing organization (CMO), we’re equipped to manage more of the supply chain in-house, freeing you up to focus on product innovation and customer needs.

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What’s your manufacturing challenge?

Post-Molding Assembly Solutions for Complex Components

Beacon MedTech Solutions has long-standing experience in single-use technologies (SUT) and precision consumables that mitigates cross-contamination, maintains consistent performance and minimizes costs. From Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom scientific injection molding (SIM) to Class 7 cleanroom and non-cleanroom assembly of your parts, we closely monitor the environment and maintain records to deliver pellet-to-part traceability for finished assemblies.

Assembly Solutions

At Beacon MedTech Solutions, we’re experienced in providing the following contract manufacturing assembly services:

  • Complete mechanical assembly
  • Custom plastic and metal machining
  • Snap and press fit
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Heat staking
  • Adhesive and solvent bonding
  • Laser marking
  • Pad printing
  • Kitting
  • Custom packaging and labeling
  • And more.

Thorough Testing Leads to High-Quality Assemblies

We don’t shy away from the rigorous activity of inspection and testing. From the first piece at the beginning of a lot to in-process and final inspection of the lot, Beacon MedTech Solutions will utilize manual and automated inspection systems to ensure delivery of high-quality, complex manufacturing assembly services.


Valuable expertise in part design and modeling, design for manufacturability and materials processing.


Moldmaking and mold design with an emphasis in liquid silicone rubber, including managing tool building programs and transfer tools.

Liquid Injection Molding

Proven speed and ready capacity in liquid silicone rubber process technologies to help customers meet tight, unpredictable timelines.

Precision Molding

Advanced expertise in thermoplastic injection molding, insert and over molding, with capacity in Class 7 and 8 Cleanroom environments.