High-Precision Injection Molding

Custom-Engineered Injection, Insert and Over Molded Parts.

Custom Injection Molding Solutions for Critical Precision Components

Don’t leave the precision injection molding of your vital components to chance. Beacon MedTech Solutions leverages state-of-the art injection, insert and compression molding technologies to deliver the highest-quality parts time and again. Challenge us with your precise standards, and we’ll apply advanced expertise across molding applications to meet the need.

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What’s your manufacturing challenge?

Turning Precision Molding Experience into Action

With an engineering-led approach, we manage the complexity of vital molded components across applications. All of our molding processes can be executed in an ISO-certified cleanroom to meet critical quality standards. We turn our deep tooling expertise into high precision plastic injection molding excellence.

Proven Injection Molding Expertise

With more than 25 machines up to 900 tons, Beacon MedTech Solutions delivers scalable injection molding solutions across markets, specializing in engineered grade, high temperature and filled resins for a range of run sizes. Offering Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom molding capacity in our state-of-the-art Leominster, Massachusetts manufacturing facility, we minimize your risks by delivering high-quality parts on time and in compliance with strict ISO and FDA requirements.

Insert and Over Molding

Tap into our team’s extensive experience in insert and over molding using both thermoplastic and thermoset materials. Offering design and material selection assistance for both the substrate and the finished part, along with an extensive supplier base and proven expertise in injection, transfer and compression molding processes, we ensure delivery of critical inserts and over molded parts.

Cleanroom Assembly and Post-Molding Services

We offer full-service manufacturing and assembly leveraging integrated engineering and manufacturing technologies. Our capabilities include ultrasonic welding, heat staking, plasma etching, pad printing, die cutting and more. Customers can also access our Class 7 cleanroom assembly and kitting capacity to meet their product’s exacting needs.


Valuable expertise in part design and modeling, design for manufacturability and materials processing.


Moldmaking and mold design with an emphasis in liquid silicone rubber, including managing tool building programs and transfer tools.

Liquid Injection Molding

Proven speed and ready capacity in liquid silicone rubber process technologies to help customers meet tight, unpredictable timelines.

Post-Molding Assembly Solutions

Advancing OEM success with vertical integration of engineering, manufacturing and complex assembly under one roof.