Technology, Defense and Aerospace Components

Contract Manufacturing for Pioneering Technologies.

Mastering Your Mission with Precision Engineering & Advanced Capabilities

High-tech often means high stakes. That’s why OEMs in some of the toughest markets turn to Beacon MedTech Solutions to deliver components that are up to the job.

You and your customers never back down from an important challenge – and neither do we. Corrosive, flammable or high-temperature environments? Our engineers work with a variety of different materials to ensure your parts can withstand whatever the job requires. Need to reduce vibration to maximize stability and safety? We apply focused expertise, process excellence and problem-solving agility with a sense of urgency to exceed your expectations – time and time again.

With a full range of ITAR-registered manufacturing and production capabilities, you can count on us to move with agility, turning our experience into swift, effective action and exceptional results.

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What’s your manufacturing challenge?

Quality-First Culture.

Our proven processes deliver the quality and precision you need to ensure customer safety. Tell us about your unique needs.

Delivering on Critical Aerospace, Defense & Technology Needs

Advanced capabilities. Niche expertise. Steadfast commitment. That’s how Beacon MedTech Solutions serves as a mission-critical technology, defense and aerospace component manufacturing partner across these highly sophisticated markets.

Comprehensive & Specialized Processes

Beacon MedTech’s state-of-the-art, 110,000-square-foot facility brings together engineering, tooling, specialized manufacturing processes – including thermoset compression molding for high strength and stability – as well as automation technologies and assembly capabilities, all under one roof. Our organization is built for cross-functional collaboration driving the speed, precision and reliability you need.

The Right Partner for High Performance

From lightweighting requirements to meet product performance requirements to parts that are built to withstand harsh, high-stress environments, the plastics engineering experts at Beacon MedTech Solutions are ready to solve your complex manufacturing challenges and deliver the high-performance you and your customers count on.

Supporting OEMs and Tier One Suppliers

Leverage our unique in-house expertise, capabilities and ready capacity to accelerate time to market and satisfy the high expectations of your Aerospace, Defense and Technology customers.