Manufacturing Program Transfers

Optimize Production Efficiency With a Tooling Transfer Program.

Elevate Confidence with Seamless Tooling Transfers

Whether you are reshoring your production, looking to move production out of your facility, or seeking a new contract manufacturing partner, turn to Beacon MedTech Solutions to minimize risk while delivering the high-quality parts you need on time and on budget.

At any volume, successful manufacturing program transfers require a partner that can reduce your operational risk and produce thermoplastic or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molded parts that consistently meet exacting specifications. We manage all programs at our state-of-the-art facility, leveraging highly configurable capabilities in engineering, tooling, injection molding and assembly in cleanroom and non-cleanroom environments to manage programs throughout the product lifecycle.

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What’s your manufacturing challenge?

Expert Manufacturing Program Transfers for Stronger Supply Chains

The process of transferring production to a new supplier can be complex. At Beacon MedTech, our vertical integration provides you the ease and security of a single point of contact and centralized expertise with proven performance. Our tool transfer process ensures clarity throughout the process, ensuring collaboration to launch your program quickly.


We start by reviewing existing documentation including part designs, tool maintenance records and bill of materials (BOM). If any documentation or records are missing, our team will partner with you to complete all information as needed, or we will redocument the process to fulfill your molded part needs, establish structure where needed and ensure your program transfer is set up for success.

Tool Repair

Utilizing decades of tooling expertise and our in-house state-of-the-art tool shop, we inspect the condition and quality of your tools to ensure long-term success. Following initial inspection, we run all standard tests to confirm that your tool will produce desired, consistent yields. Following final alterations or refurbishments intended to meet specifications, increase lifespan and reduce operational costs, we may also propose improvements that will minimize future downtime.

Validation and Launch

Understanding the rigorous quality required for your application, we conduct first article inspections to verify specifications and process integrity. Following alignment on part quality requirements and testing, we launch your parts in a cleanroom or non-cleanroom environment based on your program needs. Throughout every stage, we maintain close collaboration and communicate often to ensure alignment and program transfer success.

Our Team

We bring together experts in engineering, quality, production, assembly and more to ensure a seamless and efficient manufacturing tooling transfer process. Learn more about the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the people who make Beacon MedTech Solutions great.