Precision Tooling

Mold Manufacturing Services for Innovative Components

Increasing Manufacturing Yields with Precision Tooling

Beacon MedTech Solutions provides full-service precision moldmaking and design services to support consistent molding of challenging parts. Our highly experienced tool designers, engineers and builders evaluate part design and specifications, material selection and manufacturing process including automation and run length. We leverage best-in-class technologies and programs – including Moldex3D software for moldflow simulation, Solidworks for tool design and Cimatron CAD/CAM Software – to set every program up for success.

With state-of-the-art CNC machines, EDM and Wire EDM machines, CNC lathe and grinding equipment, as well as on-site mold sampling capability, your molds will be precisely manufactured to your exacting standards – and are ready to produce the precision parts you need.

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What’s your manufacturing challenge?

Precision Mold Services from Design to Ongoing Maintenance

Bringing decades of experience in designing and building molds for demanding applications, our focus is on delivering tools that produce repeatable, high-quality parts across molding processes.

Injection Molds for Thermoplastics and Thermosets

Whether you have a high-volume part with a complex geometry, or a mid-volume part you need to outsource, we have a solution for you. We design and build molds to SPI/SPE classifications and incorporate a variety of characteristics including 3D contoured parting lines, side actions and lifters for optimum part removal, unscrewing devices for threaded components and collapsible cores.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Tooling

With an emphasis on meeting tight timeframes, we provide LSR engineering services and deploy state-of-the-art CNC and EDM machining techniques to deliver the precision your silicone component requires – every time. Our team developed a modular mold base system that can receive a standard cavity block size, enabling us to quickly develop tooling at a substantial cost savings.

Mold Sourcing

Is overseas tooling part of your strategy? We maintain a network of reliable overseas tooling partners to drive down cost while ensuring on-time delivery and reliable performance. 


Valuable expertise in part design and modeling, design for manufacturability and materials processing.

Liquid Injection Molding

Proven speed and ready capacity in liquid silicone rubber process technologies to help customers meet tight, unpredictable timelines.

Precision Molding

Advanced expertise in thermoplastic injection molding, insert and over molding, with capacity in Class 7 and 8 Cleanroom environments.

Post-Molding Assembly Solutions

Advancing OEM success with vertical integration of engineering, manufacturing and complex assembly under one roof.