The Importance of a Vertically Integrated Assembly Partner

Your product’s custom assembly or sub-assembly can be complex. Managing the assembly process shouldn’t have to be. That’s why those in need of assembly support should consider partnering with a vertically integrated contract manufacturer.

Vertically integrated contract manufacturers have a complete line of sight into the manufacturability of your product from part design through post-molding assembly. With capabilities and support under one roof, the value lies in more efficient and cost-effective vendor management in an era when stressed supply chains are becoming standard. Supply chain volatility results in more time and resources spent on mitigating the effects of material shortages, labor constraints and natural disasters. Working with a vertically integrated assembly partner helps to alleviate the strain, allowing you to focus on your highest priorities.

Find Your Single Point of Accountability from Sourcing to Assembly

Time is money. When the bill of materials (BOM) for your assembled product is longer than a five-year-old’s holiday wish list, most likely your vendor list is, too. Vendor management becomes time-intensive and costly for your organization when faced with problems such as delays or necessary design changes. Leveraging your contract manufacturer to mold or source thermoplastic, thermoset or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) components for your assembly reduces the burdens on your team. This is when true partnerships are formed.

Leverage Vertically Integrated Capabilities to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Vertical integration provides a complete solution that offers you a competitive advantage by having better, stronger, faster assemblies. A vertically integrated assembly partner has the in-house expertise to identify potential challenges early – like issues with individual component design dimensions that may impact assembly – and solve problems with well-refined processes and workflows under one roof.


Provide early detection of potential issues with design and engineering support.

Manage the complexities of your assembly whether it is multi-step or a high piece count.

Find opportunities to reduce BOM with design or process efficiencies that reduce cost.

Build Partnership to Drive Agility and Scalability

As you continue to innovate and design new components or assemblies, having a vertically integrated contract manufacturer as your partner is vital when design modifications occur, growth accelerates or next generation products move forward. Your contract manufacturer can leverage its established structure and processes, niche expertise, industry knowledge, and capabilities in one location to support you from start to finish. With this agility comes better insights, more flexibility and ultimately, reduced time to market.

Working with You to Achieve a Common Goal

A strong vertically integrated assembly partner will take an active interest in your program and work with you to achieve success. Together, they will help drive innovation and make a long-term impact to your product lifecycle.

Are you ready to partner with a vertically integrated contract manufacturing partner to produce custom liquid silicone rubber, thermoset or thermoplastic parts or full assemblies? Contact us today to tell us more about your assembled device, product or equipment.


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